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Who is most important in your life?

Handcrafted oil-finished portraiture


Our deepest fundamental desire as humans is to create something to give to our future generations. Something great, something to inspire the next generations to aspire, something that our families will be proud of to share our name. Your family portrait is the most beautiful way to preserve your legacy.


As individuals we strive to achieve excellence in everything we do. We each have individual strengths that shine. It is our duty to become the best version of ourselves and our moral obligation to contribute our talents and gifts to our family, community, nation, and to humanity. Your family portrait celebrates your achievements.


Human are fragile creatures, we are only given a brief moment of time to live – to love & create. When your family remembers who you were, many lifetimes after you have left this heaven on earth, you are truly someone RARE. Your family portrait immortalizes your place in your family tree.

They will recall you, viewing your MENDENHALL™.


Made in the BLACK HILLS of South Dakota
United States of America